Thursday, December 3, 2009

See the Chaos

I was thinking that you are probably tired of my whining by now.. Whaaaaa.. She's getting her house remodeled. Cry me a river.. Well, Here are some pics from yesterday showing the chaos in action.

The Living Room
Wait, do you see it?? The new furniture is there.

If you look hard you can see  my new couch!

Look, it's like a dangling shiny Christmas ornament! The only one in the whole house!

Yep, lots of fun.. No showers for the Willinghams.. Please pardon our smell. But I did wash my hair in the sink this morning.

Feeling happy today.. Ready for more chaos.. See, I really am embracing the madness and making it my own. Happy Thursday!


Kim said...

WOW! I hope that when it is all said and done you love every inch of it! And that couch looks super comfy!

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