Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Where did the time go?

My sweet baby boy has become an official pre-teen! He's 8.. it shouldn't have happend so soon, but he has always been advanced for his age. Why do I think he's passed this major landmark you may ask??

Well, there is a common road marker for boys. It might be different for girls, but for boys, when they choose live action shows over animated super heroes, pre-teenness has arrived.

My son has found iCarly. It's a silly Nick preteen show. Cute girls. Dumb guys. pre-teen humor involving blowing things up with air, the occasional word "underwear" and simple problems solved in 22 minutes. It's kind of the "Full House" of the time. This is now his "favorite" show. And he just started watching yesterday.

For all the moms and future moms out there who aren't sure how this happens, listen to my cautionary tale. It's starts simply.
"Hey Mom, can we try to watch a new show? Like maybe iCarly?"

" Sure son, we'll watch it together to make sure it's something you can watch"

"thanks mom, you're the best"..

fast forward 30 mind numbing minutes later. No cuss words. No skin. no SpongBob humor. Two thumbs up.

"Well mom, what do you think?"
"not too bad, i guess it'll do"
"Thanks I love it. This is my new favorite show!"

what?? Wait?? how'd this happen?? I let my guard down for 30 minutes and he's sucked in like a shake through a straw. Now every minute is spent figuring out when he can watch it again. Even cleaning toilets didn't slow him down. Silly boy scrubbed 2 toilets and a bathtub in under 30 minutes so he wouldn't miss the next episode.

I don't think I'm ready to enter the Pre-teen mentality. I don't want to have the sex talk yet. I don't want him to know that Santa Claus might have a different address. I don't want girls calling the house next year. And I don't want to discuss body changes! Oh yeah, all while trying to maintain the innocence of the 5 year old. Of course second children are never REALLY innocent. We've spent our lives watching the elders messing up and learning new stuff from them, but still. How does it all work out??

I thought this was supposed to be an easy summer! Well, maybe it's not the end of the world. He's now old enough to make his own food (of sorts). He can work all the electronics. He can clean. He is almost tall enough to reach the top shelf. He opens doors for me if he's not playing with his legos. He can be a real little gentleman and even says yes ma'am without a lot of reminding. Not all bad. I guess.

But really? iCarly? heaven help me!


The Elliott Family said...

iCarly is a huge favorite with my kids too ! And, yes, it is pretty good ... I seem to find myself watching with the kids whenever they have it on. I can't believe how fast my kids are growing too. It seems like they were only born. And to think, my sister just had her first baby about two weeks ago. Kimberly

Marie said...

Time really does fly by.. I never thought I'd be this old! At least I'm having a good time as I age.

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