Monday, June 22, 2009


I am finally ready to power down for the summer. I had my last work "meeting" today and am now ready to spend my time focusing on the house and the boys and some ME time. It's none too soon because my blood pressure is way higher than I like it and I really feel like I should be farther along in my summer projects. I've only been out of school two weeks and I've already visited family, and made lists and connected with friends from way back, but it's time to get cracking.

AFter the first week of the "beat the fat" diet and excercise regime, I'm down almost 2 pounds (yea me!). I still crave the carbs and junk food, but I've got willpower bubbling up from somewhere. Must be all those prayers. Or maybe I really am just sick of being fat. But, I really like that I got the soft chicken tacos at Lupe Tortillas on Friday and didn't feel guilty at all.

My sister in law is having a garage sale this Sat, and I'm really excited she asked me to be a part (or did I invite myself? hmmm, maybe I better dial it back a notch). I explained to the boys that they could get some extra spending cash for our vacation this summer by cleaning out their rooms and selling some toys. They seemed excited. But when they came down with about 3 toys each, I knew I had failed to communicate the gravity of the situation and that they were clueless as to the ways of the garage sale. Time to teach them the ways of the frugal non pack rat. I think I might be fighting a losing battle, though.

And finally, the laundry should be torched. I really just want to light a match to every shred of clothing not on someone's body. Can't do it, but that doesn't keep me from dreaming.


Kim said...

Good for you! You are rockin' that food plan!

The Elliott Family said...

Congratulations of the two pounds ! Great job ! I can understand the craving of carbs, that is me too ! I am in the middle of a yeast free diet and boy is that hard to do ! But, it is part of the plan. Keep up the good work, I will continue to pray for you. Kimberly

Marie said...

thanks girls.. love the encouragement and it helps to know someone is watching. ;)

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