Thursday, June 25, 2009

A week of firsts

This week is certainly shaping up for the books. Chris gets the job. Ryan morphs into pre teen. and now.... Josh has lost his first tooth! Where are my little ones going? I guess it's just time marching on, but, WOW! so fast.

Here is a picture of the event.

It came out while eating a bowl of "fake" chocolate Lucky charms.. I guess Mom was right, this stuff will really make your teeth fall out. :)

We also decided to make some emotion faces, just for fun!

Can you guess the emotion?? I'm not telling!


The Elliott Family said...

How exciting for all three boys ! So, where did Chris get a job ? I am so happy for him. Yes, let's find a time to get together. I would love to catch up. Kimberly

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