Saturday, June 6, 2009

Summer Wish list

Here's my summer wish list.. what I wish could happen.. and I'll be pleased with 50% of it happening..

1. start working out regularly
2. return to being a grocery saver, ie making a plan to really save money
3. clean the house
4. have all the laundry folded and put up at one time
5. repaint the boys' bedroom
6. new dressers for the boys
7. clean the closet
8. new deck
9. fix leak so we can get new floors
10. regular vacuuming
11. grow plants
12. have children read more often (yes, I am a reading teacher and I have compassion on all those parents who struggle to make their kids read)
13. new couch
14. fix disposal
15. family trips to NB and Dallas
16. Anniversiary trip
17. get rid of flea problem on my dog
18. play in the backyard
19. reclaim the backyard from the forces of nature
20. Chris getting a job he loves
21. repaint bedroom
22. death to the dust bunnies
23. an aroma of clean throughout the house
24. figure out crazy rock band rhythms that always mess me up
25. spend time with my boys

Yes, the list is ambitious.. but without dreams, how can I set goals??

Help and advice is welcomed. :)


Kimberly said...

I don't like to give advice, but I will tell you what my plans are... (cough and laugh at the same time goes here)... Mondays are cleaning days. All the kids have chores so it will done fast (benefit of having four slaves... I mean kids). Monday nights are family pool and picnic nights, (bribe goes here... and I don't like to cook if I've cleaned... or directed my kids to clean... so pbj at a park sounds good... soda if they do good cleaning! The ONLY time they will get soda, unless dad does it...) And then the rest of the week I try to do a project. Only look at one at a time. As for trying to get them to read... book club! Free library days! And don't forget... summers are the best time for major bribes!

Marie said...

Love the plans... I'm sure it'll work out great. :)

The Elliott Family said...

You will have to keep us posted on how you are succeeding in your "Wish List" throughout the summer. After reading your list, I was a bit tired ... I actually have a list of things also, we shall see how I do. Kimberly

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