Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rainy days

I wonder what it is about rainy days that make me want to be a big ol bum... I'm sure it's just the dark and pitter patter of raindrops. It makes me want to rest and relax. It also makes me long for the sunshine and cool breeze and dryness.

I miss dry. I live in The Woodlands, so dry is just various forms of humid. I envy those people who live in Arizona or Utah when they sweat at 28% humidity. And though I'm sure my skin will have fewer wrinkles in the long run, I wonder if breathing water for so many years is really all that good for me. I won't be asking the frogs who live in my yard about that.

So, back to my rainy day.. lunch with friend, must beat back the laundry, a little cleaning, trip to the bank, some Easter candy snuck from the boys baskets (bye-bye Cadbury caramel egg perfection) and maybe I'll get to watch that movie my friend loaned me last week. We'll see.. time to go face the rain.


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