Sunday, April 19, 2009

I finally saw it!

OK, I finally saw the Twilight movie today. I'm a fan of the books on a very light-hearted, just loving a good story level. And the movie was disappointing. Not because it wasn't like the book (and it wasn't in some very important parts, IMHO). But more because the acting stunk. The images were great and kudos to the camera people who were finding light (or lack thereof)and good scenery of the Pacific Northwest. But Edward and Bella just made my head hurt. While Bella looked right, she wasn't nearly good enough to show the complex character that Stephenie Meyer created. And Edward... puh-leeez... Not even close. He just acted like he had a spike up his butt the whole movie. The screenplay wasn't nearly strong enough to show Bella's thoughts and motivations that made the story even remotely believable. He got accents all screwy and in no way made me believe he had a nineteenth century morality. And that's just the lead actors. Don't get me started on Jasper, Carlisle and Esme.

I'm not feeling confident that the rush schedule of New Moon is going to lend itself to making a better movie, though maybe the new director will help. And I hope that they can help wolf boy get to his necessary height to make me believe it.

I think i'm going to go watch some Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings to remind myself that it is possible to make good books into good movies.


Kim said...

Oh my goodness. I feel ya! I really want the next one to be better, but I'm honestly not very hopeful. Sigh... Then again, the latest trailer for the next HP movie is very promising!

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