Thursday, April 23, 2009

How school districts are cutting back...

With our tenuous economic times, you know that school districts have felt the pinch as well. So how do they go about cutting back you might wonder??? Well, the big three perks of course: transportation, cleaning,and general funds.... Transportation is much less available for those extras like field trips and sports events. The cleaning crew is on a "critical cleaning" schedule.. that means campuses only get cleaned about every 4 or 5 days. Yep, so my floor has cuttings and lunch from Friday ground in. We havn't had anyone dust since 2002, so we don't miss that much anymore. And don't even think anyone cleans the desk tops or chalk (yes we still have chalk) trays. Just imagine the one room school house era, we'll be getting our own wood and calling parents to vacuum on a regular schedule soon, too. Now, the all famous general fund is that magic pool of money that campuses have to buy stuff they need, like paper, pens, science experiment supplies, all the day to day operating budget. This year, about 2 months into school, they asked/told all principals to cut their budgets by 10%. After they had already started the year.

Fun time fun times.. Gotta go get my vacuum... Then do my paperwork with chalk.


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