Thursday, April 30, 2009

Innoculations.... to poke or not to poke??

So my little guy has a Dr. visit today. Time for that dreaded yearly check up. And he's getting shots... lots of shots... because he's going to school next year. So, I'm torn. With all the news around innoculations these days, it's hard to make a choice I feel comfortable about.

Cons -- I have a healthy concern about putting too much man made junk in my precious darlings. We always get the minimum necessary to get by, yet still remain part of society. I hate being told how to raise my kid. He's healthy as a horse, and I'd like him to stay that way. Of my two boys, Josh is the one who would have some kind of weird reaction. He's allergic to bug bites. Attracts physical danger like a magnet ( I could list his hits and near hits, but it would take too long, maybe in a post some time). I hate Dr. offices. Just hate them. They stink, they are full of sick people, and they all wear this weird uniform that kind of reminds me of a Star Trek/Twilight Zone combination. Finally,I hate to hear him cry. It just makes me sad.

Pros- Public safety. It'll get him into school in the fall. We get to visit Dr. Nix, best pediatrician in the state, IMHO. And there's always Sonic afterwards to help wash the tears away and the Tylenol down. Oh yeah, and the benefit of not having to get those dreaded diseases that might pop up unexpectedly, too.

Yeah, If I could get out of it, I would. I kinda of think between aloe, vinegar, chamomille, and garlic I could ward off most things that'll cause trouble. But I probably would mess that up too.

So off we go.... I guess I answered my question.


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