Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My head's about to explode

What a week! And it's only Tuesday
1. Chris had major paper due Monday. He thought it stunk. Then he found out he didn't do so hot on a major test and realized that his prof really might be one of the worst teachers ever. Great preacher does not equal great teacher. Just FYI

2. Car brakes. Need I say more?? Got to pick up "The Hulk" this afternoon after having the back calipers, rotors , and other car words replaced. Cha-ching.. bye-bye $400. Like we have $400 for car repairs. But wait.. there's more

3. Clutch. Chris's clutch (on his black car, not personally) is going out. It currently take a whole lot of sweet talking, caressing, and brute force to get from 1st to 2nd gear. And don't try to downshift.. It just isn't going to happen. Remember, this is the car, and not my husband we are talking about here.

4. School sucks. spring fever... week before TAKS.. gearing up for end of year stuff.. pregnant teachers.. old teachers.. young teachers... menopausal teachers.. all in my grade level. And I'm not any of them.... My big question is "When can I teach something??" Not that I have time to plan it.. but really, when??

5. My dog has fleas... and he's allergic. Can't get rid of them cuz it's that time of year and they are all over the yards.

6. Cupstack Tournamet on Thursday. Ryan made the team! Yea! Marie has to judge the tournament. Boo! It's loud. It's loud. and the kids are nuts. The kids are really nuts. and it's after school and I've avoided it for 11 years. Guess my time's up.

7. PMS

8. One of my few friends at school is most likely moving. Her husband's a coach. it happens, but I don't have to like it. Her kid and my kid are good friends.

OOohh, the drama! That's my week. Can anyone say "happy hour" on Friday???


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