Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Scale from the Darth Vader's Bathroom and Me

The Willingham's are trying to lose the flab and get healthy and be responsible for our children's and our own sakes. We are attempting to eat better and live healthier. By "live healthier" I mean eat better and maybe be more active with the kids when I'm not so tired I can't move. In the process, we bought a new scale.

Let me elaborate, The Husband bought a new scale. If you know The Husband, you know of his unhealthy love of electronics (which is the probably cause for the need for the scale in the first place). He let me know ahead of time, because he is a faithful researcher, that OUR scale would cost about $40. It was the one we NEEDED. It has a measurement for weight (yes, that would be helpful), BMI (that scared me a lot, but ok), and then I heard the buzzing in my ears that signaled the descent into Electronic Lovers World. I eventually understood that It does other cool stuff. He bought it. It sat in our bathroom for 4 weeks before I could use it.

My learning to use The Scale That's Smarter Than Me was a lesson in patience for The Husband, a lesson in why I hate eletronic gadgets (except for my beloved NookColor), and a lesson for the both of us in why we love each other. So, after 15 painful minutes, after he finally remembered how to use it, and I had, finally, correctly followed the 57 steps to set up my profile on the scale, I found out that I had lost 12 pounds since January! Yay Me!

Our weight loss/get healthy/be responsible middle aged adults campaign has launched! We also got the Biggest Loser "Game" for the Kinect. There are plans to set that up soon. We'll see if good ol Bob can convice me that I should work out instead of check my email and drink coffee when I wake up. Bwahahahahaha! The whole idea makes me laugh that loud throaty laugh that shows how ridiculous I think it is, but I will try. Sincerely. No, really, I mean it. I mean, I lost 12 pounds in 7 weeks just from watching what I eat. So imagine the progress if I actually increased my activity?? That is what I will try to imagine at 5 AM tomorrow when the alarm goes off and I am faced with the reality that is my life for another week.


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