Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Zoo - Lions, and Tigers, and a Bear, and a lot of Others!

We saw some great animals and really enjoyed a day together!

This is Jonathan. He was sleepy. Silly lion.

This Grizzly was digging for something! Perhaps the last zookeeper he snacked on?

This Lady Lion was majestic as she cooled in the shade.

Some natives banging a drum.

Riding a Rhino - Ryan's favorite!

The elephants were awesome. Mama even put on a hat of hay for the visit. Very proper lady.

Coolin' in the aquarium with some really big fish!

Escaping on a raging Rhino!

Tony the tiger was just too cool to bother with pretending he cared that we were there.

The menfolk planning our way around the zoo.

Patient boys indulging Mom by the lovely azaleas.

Hanging in a hut! Boy time!

Can you guess who is hiding behind the masks? We are SO tricky! LOL!

We had fun at the zoo last week. Any questions?


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