Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Break update

Well, It has been a wonderful week. Here's what I have accomplished, since nothing satisfies quite like a list that is marked off:

1. Hair cut - just a trim to give it some shape.. It's growing out after a long time of being short. (in a few minutes, so I'm counting it)

2. fix upstairs shower - the leak from hell that comes and goes.. it's getting fixed soon! (That was this morning)

3. work out - Gonna utilize that new Biggest Loser "game" and super duper scale - Set for today and many thereafter

4. spend time with Mom - she's on her way!

5. READ - Can't wait to catch up on my juicy new books

6. Play with the boys - they are getting a wee too independent for my tastes, so we must play together! They don't want to play with me! Well, we did do the park, so I think that counts.

7. Put up pictures?? - this was slated for last Spring Break, but I think I might get around to it this year instead

8. Spring pedicure - yep, it's been years and it's time to get these feet in shape for summer time sandals.

9. Catch up on my Bible study - It moves so fast, I really want to just sit and soak in God's word and the things He's trying to tell me. Still time for this.

10. Pay bills - uck! Hate this, but will do it.

11. Family trip to do something fun - zoo, museum, rodeo.. whatever we decide to do! Zoo was fun. Gald we went!

That is some real progress. I think I can finish the list this weekend. Yay!

But more importanly, I have had a great week off. I am so glad I have a job that gives me extended time off. Spring Break is a great idea and a needed respite from the pressures of ending the school year. It's a time to rejuvenite and refocus and get ready for the big push to the end of the school year.

And I can't wait to see if I am still losing weight. I hope so, but it's been a rough week for the ol diet. We'll just have to wait and see.


Kim said...

I'm SO glad you had a good week! I can't wait to see your haircut!

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