Saturday, February 26, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Baby Boy!

There is so much I could say about this sweet child of mine. He makes me laugh everyday. He is kind and caring and observant of those around him. He is left handed and creatively wired. He has the best bed-head I've ever seen, better even than my brother's when we were growing up!

My guy writes like a dyslexic serial killer and smiles like an angel. He is quick to touch everything (can I get some texture, please?), slow to tie his shoes-find his backpack-clean his room. He loves solving video game puzzles, playing ninja with his brother, and spending time with his Purple.

What a special gift God gave our family with Joshua. He reminds us all that life is temporary, people are eternal, and that most of the icky that happens around us isn't really important, just irritating. He has changed the way our family operates and cares for others because he is always there to remind us what Jesus said we should do.
When I think of what God has in store for him, where his life will lead and what he will impact, I am humbled by the mass of gifts given to my youngest son. Watching him grow in knowledge of the Lord from the time of his Salvation has been amazing.

 He internalizes everything and it comes out at the most interesting times. And I am in awe of the responsibility I have toward him.

Happy Birthday, my sweet boy. Daddy and I love you more than you can know. Stay safe, keep loving unashamedly, and continue to grow in the Lord.


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