Saturday, February 19, 2011

Whew! And that's a wrap!

The horror flick that is our lives seems to be wrapping up. No puke since Thursday. Perhaps we are in the clear? I can hope and dream, right?

Today, we have "normal people" plans to meet some friends and play tennis and have a picnic lunch at the park with the kids. All executed, I might add, by The Husbands. Yes, they actually made plans and remembered to tell the wives and everything. I am awesomely impressed. So, the decontamination of the house is postponed until later tonight, after dinner with some friends-that-are-family.

I can't wait to pause a moment and get back on track with life. Regular Bible study, laundry, dishes, cooking healthy meals, cleaning have all taken to the back seat this week. And it shows. So, time to shake it off and head into the NOW with my head held high and just vague memories of the Puke Bowl, sleeping like we had a newborn in the house, and dinner?who is actually eating tonight?


Kim said...

I can't believe all the sick lately! I hope the spring pushes out the germs! Get well Willinghams!!!

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