Friday, February 25, 2011

Heard Around the House

It's time for some more quotes that really have been uttered lately. My family has really been on a roll!

"How is rust made?"

"What's that slime that comes out of snails?"

"So, Mom, have you talked to Dad about that stuff YET? It's like you guys never speak about what's important to me."

"You found it! You found It!.. In your backpack? Dude that's  just not right, but thanks anyway." (In reference to a DS that has been missing for MONTHS.)

"So I hit you there. Then you hit me here. Then I hit you there.. KILL SHOT!"

"Mom, What half of the world do we live on? Like the top or the bottom?" "Um, the top half, the Northern hemisphere." "OK, so why don't the people who live on the bottom of the world fall off?"


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