Saturday, January 8, 2011

First week of 2011

It has been quite the first week of a new year. Fun with friends started the year. It was a great visit! Thanks to all who came.

Here are my buds with me! I have truly awesome friends! We danced with the Kinect, played Rock Band, and shared testimonies with each other. Because we aren't just friends, we are siblings in Christ!

This is the Bacon/Willingham Contingency. Great photo shooting Ryan!

Then we started with sick kid.. flu... ick! 2 1/2 hours at the dr office proved it. Quickly followed by another hour at the pharmacy waiting on a very expensive prescription. Who knew Tamiflu was that pricey?? That was followed quickly by another sick kid.. awesome.. love the fevers, sweet boys... then we crescendoed with a sinus infection and some work stress for me. Tack on another hour and half at the doctor's office and trip to the pharmacy for antibiotics. Sigh. "Add the fact that Chris was in class all week, and I was doing this like a single Mom, and it was stellar, " she said sarcastically. Welcome to you, too, 2011!

 Here are some men checking out the new scope for the AR during the New Year's Party. This is what I wanted to use by Wednesday when I was sick and tired and ready to restart 2011!

But the best news is that Chris finished his class and is done with his Master's work! Yep, after quite a long time, he is done. He got his paperwork filed for graduation and will walk in May. That is a true reason for excitement! I am so proud of him! The hard work and perseverance have finally paid off.

So, I am hopeful that the start of 2011 is not a foreshadowing of what is to come. In fact, I will be content in knowing that I serve a God who has His best interests at heart and that I am a part of His plan. There are some perks beyond imagination! And if my year does not improve, here is a cup of coffee with a monkey on it. Because if you put a monkey on it, it's fun! And if it's not fun, at least I get coffee.


Kim said...

"If you put a monkey on it, it's fun!" Maybe that should be our slogan for 2011. We had a somewhat rocky first week of the new year as well. I hope everyone is feeling better in your world! And I'm SOOO happy for Chris!

Marie said...

Oh no! What happened? I was in the Land of Sickness and haven't been chatting with anyone. As for the slogan, I give credit to my teaching partner. It's her solution to boring work at school. And I quote "Just stick a monkey sticker on that worksheet. That makes it fun and the kids like that." It sounds stupid but is so true!

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