Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Whooosh! What was that?

Well it is a Wicked Wednesday for the Willingham's. Mid point in a very busy week. Just taking a moment to say Hey! and let you 3 readers know I haven't relapsed or fallen off the face of the earth. Here's the scoop:

Chris - Week before Big Youth Event, putting in roughly 80 hours this week in preparation since he was a) out last week and b) they are 2 staff people down; will work all weekend with late hours helping coordinate a multichurch youth event with over 200 teenagers. Late nights will ensue. I think 1 am for Fri and Sat nights is being generous.

Me - Monday meet with youth girls went great, battling a head cold with frequent sinus headaches, starting a big people Bible study which is taking over my Wednesday nights, being single Mom, making holes in my schedule when I get a chance to see my husband because that is IMPORTANT. It's the end of the 9 weeks at school, so we have some extra work going on there, too.

Family - boys are unhappy about doing homework and very tired, having trouble getting back into school routine after being sick, Mamaw (Chris grandmother) hospitalized with massive bleeding ulcer yesterday, they thought she might not pull through, but seems to be doing OK last I heard. Faith is doing well and getting used to a new work routine - same job, just with a helper who she gets along with great.

So I am tired and ready for a quiet weekend. It's not going to happen. Sigh, but that's alright. Good things are going on and I can rest when I'm dead.


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