Saturday, January 22, 2011

Things are starting to gel... but I am wondering if they will actually set up

It was a long "short" week at school. The kids are not reacting as expected to the start of a new semester. So, being "master teacher" (bwahahahaha!) I will adjust my tactics. Poor, poor little children.

Last night I got to enjoy the Husband's company for a while with no children or work forces present. What a wonderful evening. Our plans to visit a new restaurant were thwarted by an hour and a half wait. Thanks, but we'll wait for things to die down a bit. So we ate at a new place to us. It was ok. Pretty typical food. Nothing I couldn't do better myself.

Then we went to see True Grit. This movie is a big deal for Hubby because he is a huge John Wayne fan and loves the original. Of course, by now we knew that this movie was not a remake. It was a completely new script taken more closely from the book. Maddie Ross is a spit fire of a girl that I completely loved.  Rooster Cogburn was a crumudgeon that seemed to channel my grandfather. Seriously, in his first scenes I could hear Granddaddy telling stories out in his shop. That kind of threw me a little.  Hard to watch your grandfather in a picture like this.  Kudos to the Cohen brothers who wrote and produced this film. It was very enjoyable.

 Chris still liked the original better, but said this one was OK. Well, I couldn't have asked for more. But he was gut laughing at all the right parts and had a purely physical reaction to the snakes. It was kind of a "grab my arm and cringe/moan/avert the eyes while still watching" type thing. Cinematic success in my book!

So, when we weren't watching the movie, Hubby and I got to discuss some goals for us and the family. Most pointedly, our health. We made some decisions and some plans. We still need to set some goals, but I think we are actually going to do it this time. Mostly because we have no more excuses. No more Master's classes. No more double jobs. No more tiny children. We are left with peering at our own laziness and sinful nature. God, help us overcome our gluttony.

I'd say that's a date night of which to be proud! So, time to go rake some leaves and get the day into motion. The upkeep never ends.


Kim said...

What a wonderful night! Good for you!

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