Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Holiday Highlights

What a wonderful Christmas! So fun to be with family that we haven't seen in a while. So blessed to share a small piece of life with people I love. I got to enjoy some little things this week at the farm. Cooking and washing dishes could have been a drag, but it was wonderful to be helpful and useful for others. Sharing gifts with those we love was a joy. Seeing the faces light up and the smiles take over.. people getting what they wanted with no strings attached.

So here are some pictorial highlights.. notice the small things, please.

Oma Hugs are the best!

I can't believe they took the time to pose so sweetly!

James and Julie always go great together. What a wonderful brother and sister I have!

Sisters! See the family tree behind them on the wall?? They come from a long line of sisters, but share a love so sweet!

This is a table full of food, that represents tradition and love and effort and all those fabulous family things. I am so blessed to have a family that values that. Notice, no turkey, it's roast beef with Yorkshire Pudding and other fun treats.

Every "kid" table has it's own personality. I can't pick just one for this table! These are kids who have tons of individuality and personality!

Dad likes to play tough. And he is tough. Shhh, don't tell, but he's a softie, too. Especially when it comes to his family. Love Granddaddy's Marine "fighting" ring there. By the way, he's protecting his Yorkshire Pudding!

I love stockings! Here are ours. Can you guess who gets which one?

An angel shared the news of the birth of Jesus. This one has been hanging around our house for over a decade. She's got some news to share too. Jesus is born!

Such handsome men and what a legacy!

I am truly blessed!


Kim said...

Man... they look so grown up. So glad you had a good holiday!

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