Monday, December 20, 2010

Whew! I should have a medical degree.. or something

When our kid gets sick, we work hard to make them well. Along the way, I have picked up a few tricks.

Trick 1: I avoid nasal decongestants that simply thicken the snot. That leaves me with 1 or 2 options to deal with head congestion. Guaifsasen and the equate nasal spray make a wicked 1-2 punch.

Trick 2: I put myself in the mindset that sleep is optional and get some whenever I can. Having awoken to child gagging on snot for several days in a row, I am in prime condition.

Trick 3: The use of unused prescriptions should be handled carefully, but is totally an option. Remember that little used script from the summer that is floating around the medicine drawer? It could be handy if a mass of mouth fungus arrives.

Trick 4: pray pray pray..

Trick 5: When it's not working, go to the damn clinic and get some antibiotics. Don't dawdle around and wonder if you should wait until morning. Usually, sooner is better if you the little patient isn't perking up.

Trick 6: After 6 days of battling the gunk, be ok with scrapping your plans for Christmas holiday domination and settle for corn dogs, rented movies, and doing a little laundry.

Trick 7: Keep a list of when differnent medications were given. It's so hard to remember what was given when. The combinations of acetiminophen, ibuprophen, 2 decogestants, mouth fungus removal pills, and antibiotics with different dosages and time spans can get a little hard to manage when you are sleep deprived. If you don't keep track, bad things can happen.

Trick 8: Remember to thank the husband for understanding when you are too tired to cook a healthy meal. Corn dogs are substantial and will get them through until tomorrow.

So, I am off to do some laundry and check on the sick one who is finally eating more than 2 mouthfuls in a setting.  Looks like things are looking up!


Kim said...

Where in the world does mouth fungus come from? Poor kid =-( Hope all is well now!

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