Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,
  I hope you and the Mrs. are doing well in the days preceeding your busy night. I truly hope and pray that the elves have kept up their productivity and the reindeer are prepared for their supporting role in the festivities of the 24th.
   The W'ham's are well and have just a few simple requests.  Mr. W'ham would like a smooth ending to his Masters' classes. See, with just one class left, set to be finished the first week of January, he's kind of waiting for the next shoe to drop. So, can you bring him peace of mind and completed paperwork? And some speakers for the entertainment center. And maybe even a new "how to build a deck" book? He seems to have lost his other ones.
   Son #1 is my manic planner and would like to become a Lego engineer. He has a life plan that, with several contingencies mapped out. He  seems to have it all under control. So, what do you get for the boy who has everything?? I don't know either. Perhaps if you could get him a love for people other than his best friends? Maybe help him to be a little more understanding of people less intense than he is? Oh yeah, and maybe a razor, because I think he might need one really soon. And some pants that are long enough would be great.
   Son #2 is insanely curious about his world and how things work. He doesn't have a favorite anything other than video games. He loves to solve those problems, as long as they aren't too hard. Then he gets frustrated, much like his Mama. He is not interested in reading, except when it involves things he shouldn't be reading. So, if you could bring him the code for how to read, that would be great. He's getting there, but could use a bit of a push. Oh, and a haircut that doesn't make his cowlick stick straight up would be grand. And some pants without holes in the knees. And socks.. matching socks.
   Now Mama W'ham's list is a bit more simple. She would like a maid to keep her house neat. If that is not possible, perhaps some initiative to help from the menfolk in her world. She would love to find a new author to read that provides a creative and fresh perspective to the literary world. And finally she would like to have a deck in her backyard, some trees removed, and a plumber on retainer. Simple, see?

  So, dear sweet Santa, Merry Christmas to you. May you be blessed and have a wonderful, safe trip. I'll see you soon with cookies and cocoa waiting.

Yours Always,
The W'ham Guardian House Elf


Kim said...

Did you get a maid for Christmas? Jenina got one for her birthday once... wowzers.

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