Saturday, December 4, 2010

Topics of Conversation

The Tactile One took me on a date tonight. He made sure to get permission from Daddy and repeated often that this was a "play" date. He has been well trained that only Daddy takes Mommy on a real date. After peeling him away from the X-Box, we had a lovely meal at Rico's Grill. It's good Mexican food. But the conversation was better.

Everyone who has ever been on a date knows that conversation is everything. And, WOW, the topics we discussed: The emotional evolution of Batman and his parent issues, the difference between a tenor and alto saxophone, the gelataneous consistencies of various cheeses, how to make fried ice cream, how to draw a good draft beer, proper and improper ways of salting chips, and why opening doors for girls is important. And that was just during dinner. Velocity of air bags, common favorite fairy tales, how 3d movies are made, why popcorn pops, what makes elevators stop working, the engineering of parking garages, and why we don't have Christmas lights outside were other highlights. Feel free to use any of these on a date if you are searching for something to say. In fact, you can bookmark this for easy retrieval if you'd like.

I'm a little worried that he is such a good date. That kid can carry a conversation and ask questions and charm anyone within 30 feet. He is a natural! Sweet smiles, funny faces, holding hands without presuming, and a desire to make sure everyone has a good time. He is a born charmer and a great kid. I am so blessed!

I hope he asks me out again. I'll wait a day or two for him to call before I get worried.


Kim said...

How fun!!! What sweet boys you have =-)

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