Thursday, July 22, 2010

Oh my! It can DRIVE!

Tomorrw, I celebrate a special day. Tomorrow, IT turns 16. Tomorrow, my marriage will have reached that age where teenagers think they are grown ups and start making those BIG life decisions, like do I use a blinker or not? How can I afford to drive if I don't have a job? and if I do have a job, I don't have time to drive anywhere. Why do I want a license?

I really hope marriages aren't like that. It's been pretty smooth sailing so far. Even when life has been hard, The Hubby and I are all about attacking the problem and not each other. And when we have issues, we eventually handle them. Neither one of us gets what we want all the time, but we don't worry about being loved or if the relationship will disintegrate or who's gonna take out the garbage. Knowing how different we were before we got married has made all the small stuff stay small. That's a total blessing.

So, I can celebrate fully and honor every day that I've had this wonderful guy by my side. Even if the day wasn't so good, I knew that I had an ally. And that's what marriage should be, I think. Having an ally as you face the day is a blessing of untold worth. I like knowing that I don't battle alone and that my partner is right there all the way.

And I really like him still. Shocking, I know. But he still makes my toes curl up and down when I see him enter a room. I still crave time with him just to talk about nothing.. or anything at all. I can't wait to hear about his day and to share mine, because I know he listens, even when he doesn't really care what I made the children for lunch. And I love that we have built a life that is ours. All ours. Like no one else's.

We have taken what we learned from our birth families, and what we have learned from other wise people, and what the Bible says, and formed something that works for us. And I like it. I love that people say my home is a safe place. I love it that my kids want to bring their friends over. I love it that I can mean it when I tell someone to come on over ANYTIME.

So, Yay for us! Happy 16th Anniversiary, Baby! I love you and I love what we have.


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