Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Ol' Achin' Knees

After my last post, I'm pretty sure I jinxed the weather. It's been hot all week. There are wicked rumors of changing weather tonight. I hold fast to the hope that my knees aren't failing me, that the slight twinge of "hmm, that aches a bit" will be good news on the weather front and not just a sign of my increasing age.

Speaking of increasing age (that's probably not nice to say out loud), tomorrow is Chris's birthday. I won't tell how old he is, but it is his last birthday in the 30's. I guess I should make that dr. appt for him so that he can head into middle age knowing exactly what's broken. Nah, that's no fun. Let's just keep him guessing. Perhaps we'll go out to eat. He's already gotten his presents (new truck and rifle)(how redneck does THAT sound??) I'm sure the boys have a plan for him. Right. And hey, look, a piggy flying. Time to Mom-UP and get that rolling. And honey, if you're reading, I already have it planned.

Anyway, looking forward to a stellar weekend of coolness, birthday cake (pie maybe? or cornbread??), and family fun.


Kim said...

I hope it's a fun birthday weekend! And if you get cooler weather, send some our way!

ATaylor said...

So the 16th was Chris's last 30's b-day and the 17th was Matt's last 20's how time flies! At least Matt can't keep saying I'm almost 30 now that he's 29. :) Hope all is well in Texas! I'll try to send you some of our cooler weather if you want it.

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