Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Kids these daze!

Just a moment for a teacher rant... If today's 3rd graders were released into the wild, a la Wild Kingdom, half of them would be eaten at birth, and another quarter wouldn't make it to the water hole. I swear, today they are acting like the weak and deformed of the natural world.

I think some days I am dealing the the brain damaged segment of The Woodlands (Mom, quit snickering, they aren't all brain damaged and you don't have to be brain damaged to live here). (Really, I can hear you laughing). They have no survival skills. Well, survival skills for school anyway. In the last 10minutes I've dealt with 8 year olds who don't put their names on their papers, can't tear perforated sheets out of a workbook, take 30 minutes to put pencil lead in a mechanical pencil, and don't follow the direction to "put everything in your desk". They are either deaf, dumb, or just immune to good procedures.

"Well, Jim, it looks like the lions got another one, bring on the crying Indian."


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