Tuesday, October 27, 2009

not so hungry

I'm not snacky at all today. It was a long one and I'm too pooped to snack. I keep thinking today should be a holiday of some kind... Oct 27.. hmmmm.. Happy Whatever You Want It To Be Day! I just want to take a day off of work. But it's just not wise at the start of flu season. And I do like to save a day or two for the Spring.

Last night I noticed that Chris was keeping up with me through this blog. With our crazy schedules, I don't blame him. It's hard to have any kind of meaningful conversation lately. Between his work and studying, my work and the family, who has time for great conversation?? And if there's time, it's not likely both of us are awake enough to start it.

So, honey, if you're reading.. I'm ready for a date night. You plan it, please. I don't care what we do. Just being together would be great. I love you and think you are awesome. Let me know how to dress.

Enough rambling.. time to do the dishes.. wait! Thank you Wendy's. No dishes, just trash. I can do that. Wait! That's Ryan's job. Ryan, do the trash. I love this age! Guess it' s just laundry for me tonight.


Kim said...

haha... nice to have helpers =-)

i hope your next days off get here soon!!!

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