Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's finally Fall!

I hope I'm not jinxing the coming of the season, but I'm sure my myopic ramblings are nothing in the scheme of the universe, Earth tilt, planet rotation and all such things. Fall has come! In a weird twist, we had 102 degree heat advisories earlier this week. Now, it a lovely 57. I think Heaven might be 57 degrees.

Friends are in town. We had a late night Denny's rendesvouz when they got into town. Nothing like Denny's at 11pm. Had the most attentive waitress ever. I think she was just bored, new, or pushing for a great tip. Or maybe she's just a really nice person.

oh yeah, Chris said to blog something nice about him since I'm blogging at 8 on a Sat morning, so, can I just say, I am so proud of him? He is off to the office to take his Old Testament mid term. At 8 on a Sat morning. I just love how he works so hard for his schooling. I can definately say we are getting our money's worth out of this education. I love his committment to "doing it well".

Alrighty, time to vacuum before the friends come on over. And I get to interrupt SpongeBob Sat morning cartoon. Even better!


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