Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Saturday

this morning...

7:05 - Marie wakes up to the stomping of little feet on my plywood floors, and wishes that the lab report that is holding up my new floors would come through. then drifts back to sleep

7:30 - Marie hears some clinking from downstairs and wonders what Ryan is making the boys from breakfast.. ponders if she should get up or not,then laughs at the hilariousness of that thought.. the boys are big kids now, I can sleep

7:30:22 - Marie hears Josh yelling for Ryan, Ryan, Ryan, Ryan and wishes for quieter children

7:31 - Marie hears "mommy, mommy, mommy" and opens an eyeball to give her child a "hairy eyeball" look... and sees her darling youngest with a plate of 4 freezer waffles covered in butter.. "Mommy, here's your breakfast in bed we made you.. do you like them?"

Yes, dear, I love toasted freezer waffles with a half inch of butter on it, especially when served by a man in tighty whities.

"Ryan made them, but I got to bring them to you.. do you want a fork or something?"

Awww.. I love my guys.. better than sleeping in..

And now I feel a little guilty about the work ahead of us today, but my heart has been warmed by cold waffles and sweet boys in their BVD best.


Kim said...

That is SO sweet! We love those boys! I can't wait to see you next week! Woohoo!

Marie said...

We are SO looking forward to seeing ya'll.

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