Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Thought I'd make Thursday my day of thanks-sharing. You know, because it starts with TH

I am thankful for...

**living in a country that allows me freedoms
**children who are well adjusted
**desserts, especially since I'm not eating as many these days
**Wii, so I can workout in the peace of my own home
**Air Conditioning
**non leaky plumbing in one spot in my house
**free public libraries
**authors who take the time to write fiction that is not laced with sexual innuendo and crass humor
**parents who love me unconditionally
**family that loves each other
**the ability to work
**hair bands that don't pull out my hair when I take them out
**neon colors that don't occur naturally
*whoever invented the oscillating fan

Happy Thursday, ya'll!


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