Monday, July 13, 2009

Not Me Monday

Alright, my blog friend from back in high school has started doing this and it makes me laugh! So, I'll give it a try... It's a tongue in cheek report of what's going on.. because I would Never do these things.. nope.. NOT ME! (ok, maybe a little, but I hope you get the point)

Today I did NOT take the easy way out at lunch and feed the kids Chef Barf from a can because they begged for it.. nope, NOT ME.

And I certainly did NOT force my precious darlings to work in their room and sort out their toys into "keeping" "trashing" and "going on vacation" piles.... because that would be wrong to let them think they had options about the future of their junky toys. nope, not me, I'd never do that.

And I most definately did NOT speak kindly to the lady at the AC company at 8 am this morning after being up most of the night too hot to sleep to suck up to her so she would send out her tech to re-fix my AC that hasn't been cooling well all weekend after they cleaned the evap coils and unplugged the drain line. not me.. I wouldn't ever exhibit such gracious and kind behavior to the lady who has nothing to do with fixing the ac. And I most certainly will not send brownines home with the tech if he fixes it with no additional charge. Nope, not me!

I did NOT watch too many Harry Potter movies this weekend to get me all excited about the new movie opening on Wed. Nope I would NEVER postpone things like dinner and family time so I could finish watching a movie I've already seen.

Nope, not me.. I wouldn't ever do any of these things!


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