Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fast Food friends, pt 1

Dieting update!

Well, the Willingham's are still on the "less crap, more veggies, gotta get our act together because we are getting old" diet. It's not easy and the last two weeks have proven it. With Chris working crazy ministry hours, and Me on summer "whatever" time, food becomes a last thought, which usually means eating out. And since I'm not paying $7 for $1 worth of wilted rabbit food I hate eating anyway, I don't make great choices on the fast food menus. So I thought I'd start a list of some of my "fast food friends" that I can keep around the house.

1. Turkey bacon.. microwaves in a minute and is a great addition to any salad or BLT type sandwich

2. Fresh fruit.. filling, no cooking needed, and can count as 1/3 of a dinner plan

3. ground turkey.... easy to brown and freeze, so it's ready to just defrost and be added to, well, anything.. salads, pasta dishes, casseroles, anything

4. carrots .. to munch on while cooking.. if it's running into a late night, they can keep the "let's just run out and get something" disease from taking over.

5. cereal.. a great "dinner? oops, I knew I forgot something" filler.. the kids don't mind and the hubby is so kind, he just is happy for food.


Kimberly said...

Keep up the good work! hope you are seeing results! I need to do something about us getting older too... Do you have a Sam's club membership? I find their fruit cheaper and you get so much!

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