Sunday, June 29, 2008

Treading Water

Chris's job with the church isn't going to happen. He found out on Friday that they (senior pasters)want a more "jr high type" guy. That's code for high energy, scrape me off the rafters, did you remember your underwear?, Do ya know Jesus, huh, huh, huh.. kind of minister. Clearly not my husband.

Now he/we has/have to figure out what to do for employment for him. I'm still teaching, so we've got our steady source of income. But he's about done with not having a job. It really messes with the male psyche to not have a way to provide for the family. So, we've got choices to pursue: go back to teaching, search for and take any ministry job that comes along, try a whole new career path... He/we just don't know right now.

The good news in all of this is that if he gets a reasonable job, we are firmly committed to paying off our debt within a year and fixing the house in the ways it needs to be fixed. Trees/roof/drywall in certain places/deck/fence/new flooring. I also have designs on a new to me car and a new downstairs couch. Those, of course, are simply dreams at the moment. We can do this because we have made it on just my salary (with well timed God interventions) for the last year. Now we just need the job.

Can I say how much I hate not having a direction to pursue? Like my oldest son, I want a plan to know exactly what needs to be done, and a visual timeline is a nice perk. I will pester whoever is in charge until I get it out of them. Sorry God. It's gonna happen. Having no idea what to do is hard. And I don't tread water really well. I feel like I've been treading for a long time and that's where I don't do well. But I'm working on being content in all situations. Content with my faith and my God. I really should go back and read that part of Scripture more often.

So it's Sunday afternoon. Chris is finally getting some sleep (he's been up and anxious since Friday when the bad news came down). Josh is finally getting some sleep (his schedule is all whacked out and he's been going to bed late, getting up early). Ryan is having a water fight outside with the neighbor kids. And I get some peace and quiet. Ahhhhh... there it is... contentment.


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Nice catching up on your life.

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