Friday, July 4, 2008

The trip to Space Center Houston

We went to NASA with Katie and Erin. I hadn't been there in a long time and they've done a great job making it tourist friendly. Here's a snippit of what we saw.
The boys loved playing with the control panel. Josh would have punched buttons for hours.

Here are the kids in a mock up of the Space Shuttle. Erin was not happy with getting her picture taken.

They got to touch some moon rocks. The sign said they were 2.8 BILLION years old. Hmm, methinks they guess a little bit.

The Saturn V rocket has been refurbished and now looks almost new. The kids were in awe of the size. And they really liked the air conditioning after being on a tram for 45 minutes in the heat.

Here is a shot of mission control. We climbed 87 steps up to reach the control center that ran the space program until 1995. It was cool to sit in the observation seats that so many families and dignitaries have used while they watched their loved ones lives in the hands of people here on earth.

Here's a shot of the guys on the tram before the tour began.

Here's the family getting ready to take the tour. Thanks for taking that picture, Katie.

The boys only kind of enjoyed Rocket Park. It was too hot and maybe we should have had lunch first. I'll know next time, right?

Those are the highlights of the trip. Let me know if you want more pictures. We took tons.

Chris came to a sad realization. Neither of his children is as interested in soaking in all that history can teach us as he is. They were not all that impressed with "experiencing" the museum side of things. And the fact that they got to see JFK's podium that he gave the "space speech" from didn't make a huge impression. When I told him there was still time for them to catch the bug he assured me it would have taken effect by now. Poor guy seems doomed to wander museums by himself for a while longer.


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