Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday Madness

Mondays are crazy, even when I'm not in school. This is the first real Monday of summer, with nothing much planned, so I got to start "home school", "Earn the X-Box" chart, "this is how you play with no one helping you" time, cook dinner together and rush to the swim lessons. Oh the fun.

I went looking for left handed scissors at Wal-Mart. No such luck. Gonna have to go to the teacher supply no doubt. Of course, I'm struggling with the thought of just teaching Josh to cut with his right hand. He's still young enough. We'll see how he takes to it before I purchase the lefty scissors.

All in all, I wish more days were like this. With the exception of Chris's dark mood while he struggles with how to approach the church about his job, it's been a great day. Keep us in your prayers. Just 9 more weeks until school starts. :)


Us said...

Don't remind me...9 weeks until Kindergarten :-(

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