Saturday, June 7, 2008

HAIR, pt. 2

My hair loss is finally back to normal. I got it chopped. I now have this cute "summer" thing that is SHORT. I'll say it again, SHORT. But at least I don't have to battle looking like a cancer patient any more.

It's funny to me that I'm the only one (other than people I live with) who noticed anything wrong... people at work were clueless. Church folks were clueless. Now they all just think I got tired of long hair. And I'm ok with that. I kinda learned that what's big for me, isn't for other people. I would get so sad in the mornings when I had to comb out my hair, knowing that the "mass follicle exodus" was waiting. But others had no idea where I was in my head. They couldn't even tell with a cursory glance. And that is all we normally give people, right? Just a quick once over and then we move on. I mean unless something is glaring we just don't get it. And this goes for hair as well as our own spiritual conditions.

So maybe my hair loss is one big metaphor. Look closely at people, with their good in mind. You'll probably see more than you expected to see.


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