Friday, November 9, 2007

"Will science eventually solve all of our problems?"

Chris shared the following with our Sunday School leaders this week. It's worth the read.

I found that question laughable as I reflected on the just the last 24 hours. We were awakened last night by a screaming 3 year old. Josh woke up with one of those ear aches that for an adult would be unbearable. So we proceeded to use the wonders of modern chemistry to sooth his pain. Nothing seemed to work accept the embrace of mommy's arms.
As morning dawned we were out the door to avail ourselves of modern
medicine with a run to our favorite doctor (he's like family, ever since we put
his kids through college). More medicine was prescribed and all were
happy. On the way back I decided to stop for some fuel and the modern convenience
of a quick carwash. Halfway through the rinse cycle, I heard a pop. It was
then that I noticed that our modern miracle had ripped the sided mirror from
my car and was now using it as a battering ram on my paint job. After an
hour of paperwork, with double ear infection three year old in tow, I headed
home. Approaching our neighborhood I received a call from my frantic
mother that something was "hissing in the garage and there is a strange
smell". Arriving moments later in my driveway I immediately surmised the
problem. It was the tell tale river of water pouring from our garage that was
the major clue. The great luxury of heated water had backfired and was now
laying waste to my seriously disorganized garage. On the plus side our
ceiling got a great steam cleaning.

I told you all that to tell you this. The answer to the
question is NO! Technology and science are great and personally I like
medication, automated car washes and hot water anytime my heart desires, but the
issues we face aren't technology issues. The most powerful agents for change
in our society and our personal lives are the relationships that we are
given. There is no medicine that takes the place of mommy's touch; no car is
worth chewing out a gas station attendant, and no amount of household
breakdowns worth throwing a wrench at your family. A new house can't give you
happiness; a new car can't give us self-worth. They can give you a
warmer,dryer, easier life because that's what they are designed to do. Jesus
made it clear concerning the pursuit of happiness. Love the Lord your God
and love others.

............From Chris


Resha said...

Thanks for sharing! It sounds like your world has been busy! I agree completely. I think so many times we get lost in the "stuff" of life and take people and time for granted. Thank you for the reminder, written and experienced in true Willingham style!
Love you - Resha

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