Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Sense of Accomplishment

We've started rearranging our house. 1 space at a time. But it's kind of like a Chinese Slide Puzzle. In order to do thing A, we have to make room in place B. But to make that room we'll have to shift item C to position D.... Get it? So yesterday, we were working on my Mother in Law's room. She was replacing some furniture. And we were putting a desk that was in her room downstairs. Well, to do that, we had to put the 1970's wood and glass hexagonal table (the one your parents gave you when you got married) in the garage. For those familiar with our downstairs, this is a momentous occasion. It has been no small feat to get this beloved piece of antiquity to it's rightful home among the garage detritis. But it happened. That day was Nov 17. I will remember it well. :)

What a sense of accomplishment when things finally start happening. Yesterday, it was the physical features of our house. Recently, "things" started happening spiritually with Ryan. The sense of well being and comfort that comes when we get something done is a wonderful thing to feel. Now, if I can just get Mt. Laundry under control, I'll feel like I really got something done....


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