Saturday, November 3, 2007

Birthday Cakes

Why did people stop making their kids' birthday cakes?? I ordered one for the kid party on Monday, but am making the cake for the family party tomorrow. MMMMM, the smell of butter cake throughout the house just screams "IT'S SOMEONE'S BIRTHDAY!" I remember that from my childhood. My mom always makes the best birthday cakes. They are unusual, creative, and never cease to amaze me with their yummy goodness. This last year, she made me a black forest cake from scratch. Who says food isn't love??

I hope my boys have happy memories of birthdays with homemade cake, their choice of dinner, and happiness.

I wonder what other people's traditions for birthdays are.


The Daniel Family said...

We always let whoever's birthday t is pick the restaurant. My daughter wanted Chick Fil A or the ZOne (a pizza place) son chose Red Lobster. He likes the Lobsters. My inlwas always go to my MIL's favorite place no matter whose birthday it is.

I agree about homemade cakes! My mom makes ours...My husband and I ahve been making the birthday party cakes this yr...they've been cute!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, Marie and kids -
I am so glad you are doing the blog thing. I guess I need to get with technology and do the same, maybe one day! So, I agree with the homemade cakes - as long as I'm not the one making them! After all, I would want them to be edible. My mom always made the best chocolate cake.
Life is OK with us. The kids are loving school and are already reading one vowel words! Very cool! I am glad I decided to see Gordon Sudduth. He is great and has really been helping me a lot with this process. Keep in touch and I will check in again soon.

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