Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thanksgiving Count Down

Thanksgiving is week away. I can't believe it! I've started the annual "food prep" e-mails with my mom. she tells me what she's planning to serve and asks for input. I tell her how much I like what she has planned and what our travel schedule is. She e-mails back requesting my thoughts on her food plan and I return with the list of likes and dislikes my family has.

Thanksgiving is a great holiday partially because it also encompasses the November Birthday Convention. My son, mother, father, and sister all have birthdays in November, with Dad and Katie's being right around Thanksgiving. So we always get to squash in a birthday party, too. (See previous post on cakes for birthday celebrations.)

Now, if we can get the car working well enough to make the 200 mile trip, we'll be in good shape. Chris is out tonight with our automobile inclined friend to fix the brake pads, AC fan, and see why the tires keep going flat. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


The Daniel Family said...

Did everything work out with your car??? I hope you have a wonderful time at your mom's!

Marie said...

Yep, we got the brake pads replaced. The other stuff will have to wait. Luckily it looks like AC won't be needed this week in the Hill Country. :) Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Marie

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