Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tuesday rant

I have held my tongue so often today I think I may have a permanent lisp.

 Here's what makes me rant:

benchmark testing
stupid people
smart people who act stupid
oblivious people who don't do their jobs
educrats who are so focused on CYA that they miss the point of their profession
teachers who should know better
slacker teachers who let everyone else do their duty while they chat with anyone they can find
parents of teens who get their feelings hurt and hurl accusations at my husband who got up early on the yuckiest weather day ever to meet with them
kids who don't know that silent lunch means you cannot play "I'll kick you harder than you kicked me" under the table
people who use false humilty (we all know you have to do it and wouldn't if your job wasn't on the line) to accept blame for something we all know they did wrong and try to get us to be excited about their newly clearly defined expectations
faculty meetings
inservice at faculty meetings about something I have no intention of implementing
meeting after the faculty meeting

And I can't post any of this on FB because people would think I mean them (which I might or might not) and get all paranoid and label me a grumpy witch "how can she be a pastor's wife" and I'd get a ton of "bless you r heart" comments that I just cannot tolerate tonight

I feel better


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