Monday, September 7, 2009

Ever felt like you're under attack?

What a crazy couple of weeks! Start of school- with no car and no dryer..Great experience in 3rd grade - but, oops, my team leader will be out for 6 weeks or more having heart surgery and I'm Team Leader again. I made it 5 days with no team leader duties. Fantastic trip to parents - cut short by my house exploding with water water everywhere.

Today I am seriously considering the effects of evil spiritual forces on my everyday appliances and mechanical objects. And I am also wondering who the patron saint of "stuff" is.. cuz my stuff is broken and I really need some help from above and I'm not above asking dead people to pray for me.. not that I really believe that particular theology, but just in case I'm wrong, I'd like all my bases covered.

(( boys, only Pee out the back door. Never the front door... and #2 goes in the other place)) yeah, no water to the house yet.. The Nimrod who plumbed our house used nonstandard fittings and Home Depot is closed at 10 PM. So, after Chris stripped the hot water valve last night, we couldn't turn the water back on, so we are encouraging all possible bodily functions to be disposed of in alternate locations. I know the Woodlands committees are currently meeting jointly to discuss just which deed restrictions are being violated and which ones have been completly disregarded by the freaks at...... this address. I am eager to recieve that letter, let me tell ya.

But back to the evil plans to bring down the Willingham's through mechanical sabotage... It ain't gonna work. We might feel like we live in mold infested, broken down squallor, but it won't break us. All that great new income that should be going toward debt reduction that is currently being used to keep up with the payments to repair men trying to send their children to college is more than enough to keep things floating along. It is God's money after all and if He wants those children to go to college I will not stand in His way! And for Chris and me.. well our relationship is tight.. even after the midnight trip to the church after a 20 hour day on 4 hours of broken sleep, i don't hate him. His need for a shower was valid. And he let me drive the truck. And I know that sleep is for the weak. Plenty of time for that later.

So, if any evil minions read my blog, I send a giant raspberry in your general direction. I am a child of the King of all things mechanical, the great Creator of all stuff that you break. The Willingham's will make it through this like we have all the times you've flung stuff at us before. We won't be broken by this current attack, and we give God all the glory for leading us through it.

Now, time to hit the Home Depot and find those parts.. I've got stuff that needs washing!


Kim said...

I'm so sorry! I am behind on reading my blogs, so I hope to find another blog that says things are working again!

I hope that your team leader duties pass quickly and peacefully!

We love you and miss you!

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