Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Forgot to share

I seldom forget to share stuff as I live my life out in the open, mostly, well, at least the stuff I want you to know.

I did pay the tuition on Friday. And it still hasn't cleared my account. Tomorrow is the day to see if we overdraw or not. I shift back and forth between worry and dread and reminding myself to have faith that the Lord will take care of us. I can no longer wag my finger at those crazy forgetful Hebrews who so quickly walked away from God after He had done so many miracles for them. I, too, forget what He has done.

I forget that He has called me to this process of getting a Master's degree when I worry about getting it all done.

I forget that He has parented me when I worry about how I am parenting my kids.

I forget that He has ordered my steps when I look at my calendar and get the shiver/shakes when I see week after week filled up in "MY" relaxing summer.

I forget that He has called me to live a life without regrets when I see all the things to do on my list instead of opportunities to serve others.

I forget. It's that simple. And He is faithful to remind me who is really the boss in my life.


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