Saturday, May 25, 2013

Faith deadline

I have previously shared my test of faith in regards to tuition for this summer. The deadline is 5 days away. God has shown me that there may be enough left in the checking account for me to pay it outright. That in itself is an answer to prayer. I could transfer the money today. The twist comes with the fact that it will drain the account and leave little spending money for the next week, a week that includes friends coming down for the long weekend, groceries for the family, and some end of school expenses. And a child who is sick with a bug.We don't get paid until Friday. I know that we won't go hungry, though the meals might be highly unbalanced, and the bills won't be late. It's just a really close shave if you know what I mean. I hate not having that "padding" in the account for the unforeseen needs that crop up many times. How much am I willing to sacrifice? How much of my "financial" safety am I willing to sacrifice?

I will most likely decide how to proceed today . Your prayers are precious and working. I stayed strong and didn't jump at the "last minute emergency summer tuition loan" they offered me. I was tempted, but quickly remembered the conviction I am under about that.

I hate deadlines, but they do force me into action when I am frozen in uncertainty. That's a good thing.


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