Friday, April 5, 2013

Someone come restart my heart!

I just registered for my summer classes. 12 graduate hours. It's a lot of work and will require diligence on my part. But it's so much more when you realize it costs almost $5000! Oh yeah. No joke. I got a scholarship for the fall/spring which will cover about 75% of the bill. Yay! But I am not endowed for the summer. What's a girl to do?

You could say "Silly girl, you are Cra-Cra! That is proof you are nuts and you should just drop those classes and enjoy your well deserved break!" That is an option. But it would put off graduation for another year. Or you could suggest that I take out a student loan. They are there for the taking. However, I have made myself a promise that I would not take out any more loans to pay for this degree. Debt is too big of a burden for us right now, and I will not add to it with my education. I would sooner quit than take another loan out.

But I have a thought that maybe, just maybe, God could intervene. If He is as excited as I am about where I will serve him with my job, I know he is able to finance that endeavor. So, crazy girl that I am, I am praying for a Divine windfall of finances.  Before you call the men with the nice white jackets, I understand how crazy that sounds. The phrases "bad financial planning" ,"lazy" ,"why would HE even care" ,"NO ONE expects money to fall into their account unless they are completely off their rocker" all are running through my mind. I get it. It's a faith step.

Not to over spiritualize it, but money and waiting and faith are all very interrelated for me. God has never let me miss a meal due to finances. I have never been homeless or worn threadbare clothes (unless I wanted to). And God has always financed what He wanted me to accomplish. College bills, mission trips, camps, kids, you name it! If God was in it, the resources are there.

Will you pray with me? Will you pray that God would provide if He wills me to take this class load? Will you pray that I would not give in to the temptation of taking out a loan when it comes to the deadline and I have to drop classes if God has not provided?


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