Sunday, April 7, 2013

I'm home this morning with an ear-achy kid and missing my church family. Well, if you know about us, you know we have a dog. He is old. He can be super sweet, but he can also be a royal pain. He has taken to randomly peeing on our floors. A lot! He has been the recipient of many unkind words and threats, all well deserved. And today, there was that sweet kind of vengeance that the Bible talks about. The one where it's all God and not me at all.

So, puppy decided to get up, look at me, and start peeing, then run to the opposite corner of the room peeing all the way. In his hurry to get away from the screaming banshee (that would be me in my robe with stringy wet hair not having had a cup of coffee yet.. get the image), he climbed under the chair, and got stuck. Really stuck. He put himself in puppy stocks! The husband and I went from seeing red to that little giggle, to full blown laughs. I wish I had thought of this sooner.

Before you call the SPCA, I did get him out, there was no harm done, and remember, he did this to himself.
Today's lesson: When you have a gimpy hip, don't try to climb through the chair legs.


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