Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Recent Observations

I have lost my storytelling mojo. At least that's what it feels like. Amidst life and the stresses of the Spring semester, I just can't craft a story that makes sense and is the littlest bit interesting. Instead I think I will share my recent observations:

STAAR testing  is an awful way to track the abilities and performance of public school children

I will not be lured in by cute graphics on my paper towels again because Sparkle brand sucks! They don't tear right and are as absorbant as a rock.

I am really nervous about the summer classes I am about to sign up for. 2 classes in both summer sessions, assuming of course that I can pay for them. That's a lot of work (12 graduate hours) in 2 little months. But that will put me closer to the goal of finishing grad school.

I got a scholarship for next year! Yay! That'll will certainly take a chunk out of the financial burden. Praying for some other ones to come through in time to help with summer. I will find out by the end of May.

I really want to start working out, but just can't figure out the when. I guess I could get off the computer and go walk right now, but it is getting ready to rain from these pregnant clouds that have been hanging low over the city all day.

I am needing a new author to read and love. You'd think a future librarian wouldn't have this problem, but you'd be wrong. Really engaging books are hard to find in the mountains of craptastic writing out there.

If I was a superhero, my archnemesis would have something to do with sorting laundry.

I have been around a lot of cancer and death lately, and that makes me think morbidly. Like I really need to get a will made and make those "final preparations". And I've been thinking about what music I want to make people listen to at my funeral. I am fairly certain it will not include Randy Travis singing the old rugged cross or Dolly Parton crooning something about butterflies. At least the list has narrowed a bit.

Retiring teachers should not be allowed to be alone with children or parents. They say the darndest things!

The pants I am wearing really need to be retired. They are washed out, a little too short, and pinching at the waistband. Yep, time to bury them.

And to wrap up, here are some pictures from Easter:


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