Thursday, June 9, 2011

This is the Wall

This is the wall, and I have hit it. The long week(s) has(have) finally caught up with me and I am exhausted. I want nothing more than to crawl into bed and sleep for a day. I want to speak with no one unless their express job is to make me happy. I am ready for the hamster wheel to stop spinning and the demands of home, ministry, family, and friends to diminish. I am weary of being pulled in 37 directions and needing to smile as I am yanked. I want to feel like being gracious instead of wanting to strangle the next person who shares their opinion. I want to have a train of thought make it to the station. I want to have no one needing me to do something. I don't want to wait on you or him or her to finish their 95 things before I can go do what I had planned to do. I want my life back. MY life. Not someone else's crisis dressed up like my ministry opportunity. This is my wall, and I have hit it. I think I hit it with a really large battering ram. And I feel better for venting. I think that wall needed a door anyway.


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