Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer To Do List

It's not summer until I get a list of things I want to accomplish worked out. Let's see what it looks like...

1. clean out master closet (oh snap!) - I can't even get into the closet and it's the size of a small bedroom
2. get a new car - yes please!
3. clean out garage (oh double snap!) - it's scary.. there's stuff living in there.. Stuff larger than me
4. get storage unit - this list is not in chronological order, btw
5. retile master and upstairs bathroom - woo hoo, oh contractor, why aren't you returning my e-mails??
6. make pool passes a financially responsible decision - we have to go 7 times to make it worth our money, I think we can make that happen
7. read a lot of fun books
8. work on/finish the uber puzzle - it's time - I've had it for 3 years

That's what comes to mind right now.. let's see how it goes!


Kim said...

That is some list! You can so do it!

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