Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Why am I so nervous?

I made the call today to start the "rebuild" ball rolling. After months of doing the insurance two step and a couple of weeks to research the estimates and pray, we have made our decisions. My kindly contractor says they'll prob start on Tuesday. And I am jittery, scared nervous. Don't know if it's the concept of change, the amount of money we are spending, or just too much coffee this morning, but I am a little freaked out. I love the thought of having a newly lovely house by Christmas time. I am resigned to the hit on the credit cards. We just aren't handy enough to do these things ourselves. But I can't wrap my head around the fact that this is going to happen. Nerves suck.

Of course, add to this I'm also getting ready to leave for Thanksgiving with the family. And we, the Willingham's, are moving shockingly slow. Chris is out getting the car cleaned. What??!! Yeah, he wanted it shiny for the trip. I think he also wanted some shot of that "new car smell" they insert after they clean. Anyway, clothes and toiletries are packed. Boys said they got their electronics squared away. Now we are waiting.

Oh yeah, and Chris has 2 papers and 3 final exams in the next 2 weeks.

And I just found out my team leader (who just had a heart valve replacement 2 weeks ago) is back in the hospital with fluid around her heart..

I guess I've got reason to be a little on edge.

So, I'm gonna go calm myself with some soothing, mindless something and finish packing my medications and books for the trip.

Yeah, soothing and mindless is good.


Kim said...

aww, Marie... I hope that you find some rest this weekend. I'm glad you took a few days off. You SO deserve them!

The house will turn out wonderfully and life will keep going! It always finds a way to do that...

Love you and miss you.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you made a decision.

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